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Day 7 of 100 Creative Encounters


I've had my share of reminders that I'm not perfect. But guess what? I still get to love my SELF. And guess what again? I don't do that perfectly either! It's okay. I'm learning.

When we were kids, my siblings and I couldn't wait for Thanksgiving to arrive. My cousins and their family would come over for dinner. After we were done, we'd clear out the garage to make room for the skit we’d play every year.

We liked playing THE WIZARD OF OZ! Hilarious, right?!!! We each acted out a role while on the yellow brick road. I insisted on playing the Tin Man because he always got to stop and say "More Oil Please". I got the biggest kick out of it!!!!

When he was depleted of oil, he knew it. He'd ask for more, get his fill and then be on his way.

As adults, I imagine our SELF can be likened to the Tin Man.

Every now and then, when it feels depleted, it just stops and says


How are you doing?

Do ya need a refill?

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