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About Me

Welcome! I'm Polly, an artist, author, and life coach dedicated to helping you embark on a journey of self-discovery through my artwork, writing and coaching.

With a unique blend of creativity and coaching, I assist individuals in setting and achieving personal goals. Drawing from my Master's Degree in Counseling Psychology, I view life coaching as a process of peeling away layers, akin to uncovering the hidden obstacles that hinder your perception of yourself as seen by God. By walking alongside you, I'll help you to embrace your true identity and reach your goals with greater clarity.

As a mixed media artist, I work primarily with acrylic and collage on wood, canvas, and fine art paper. My artwork is intuitive, expressive, and rich in texture. It often evokes personal narratives within viewers, encouraging them to reflect, journal, and contemplate in the days that follow.

Nearly two decades ago, I courageously transitioned from a career-oriented path to pursue my passion for painting and creative expression. Through my artwork, I intertwine the realms of art and self-discovery. Over the years, I've showcased and sold my pieces in various venues, including retail shops, boutiques, bazaars, women's conferences, galleries, and juried art exhibits. My artistic style encompasses Figurative, Illustrative, and Abstract Expressionism infused with an urban vibe. My work can be found in private collections within the US, Canada, Mexico, Italy, South America, UK and Australia.

Hailing from Southern California, I've facilitated numerous creative and expressive workshops, enabling individuals to unearth their hidden potential and embark on a journey of self-discovery.

About the Author_Maker Collage©Polly Lunetto
Art is what we call... the thing an artist does. It's not the medium or the oil or price o

Polly’s Illustrative Paintings have been used in;

CD Cover Design

2014- For The Rest Of Your Life, Denise Capra

2014- Children Of Promise, Denise Capra

2014- Allowing Friendships, Denise Capra

2014- Buried Treasure, Denise Capra   


Website Graphics

2017-  California Country Gal

Book Illustrations

2020- For The Rest Of Your Life – Kindle Version – Denise Capra

Package Labeling

2020- California Country Gal, Grain Free Baking Mixes


Coachella Magazine; Dec 15, 2020 Digital Version- UNCERTAIN TIMES

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