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Insight: The quote I used in my artwork today was written by Tennyson. It’s from the book entitled The Miller’s Daughter.

I’m a collector (not a hoarder) of vintage paper items. I remember purchasing a stack of book pages from a beautiful vintage store while living in Colorado several years ago. The owner traveled across the country, picking up antiques and such to sell in her store.

I was first attracted to the color of the pages as they were most likely close to a hundred years old. She only sold pages from the book in packs of twenty. I’ve only used them one other time, several years ago.

That’s sort of what happens. I hunt and purchase vintage paper items with the intention of using them in my artwork. However, I have a fair amount that I’ve never used because they became too precious to me. The thought of tearing up the book is just too daunting.

I hadn’t noticed the words on the pages after all of these years because I was still enjoying their color. Now the words have caught my eye and I may need to go hunting for the rest of the book.

Like I said, I’m a Collector.

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