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Whew 😅 made it before the clock strikes midnight.

Here’s Day 1 of 100 Creative Encounters.

The message is: “You don’t need to have all the answers all at once.”

Other participants started The 100 Day Project on January 31st so they’re actually on Day 9 already. I’ve decided to double up this week and maybe into next week just to catch up.

There aren’t any hard and fast rules that need to be followed. I just prefer to do it this way.

I can already tell that I’ll need to make some adjustments in my schedule to find a better fit for this project. But that’s ok, I’ll find my groove.

So, this piece is 8x8 in size. I like having the border around it but need to find tape that doesn’t pull up the paper. I applied gesso and let it dry completely but it still pulled up in certain areas. Any suggestions? Tomorrow I’ll try the green tape instead.

That’s it for tonight. Make sure to watch the video to see my color palette and tape pulling.

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