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  • Polly Lunetto

Inspiration In The Midst Of World Chaos

My studio surface space has gone from art table to sewing station. Our County now mandates that people wear face masks while in public. We didn’t have any on hand so I went to my fabric stash and found plenty of supplies. I don’t sew but I am a figure-it-out sort of person. Several prototypes later, I finally settled on a design that was doable. But on Monday, when my husband was leaving for work, I felt a little embarrassed for him. The face mask I made for him looked more like a “heavy flow day” pad!🤭 . In frustration, I ordered a few from a friend who actually knows how to sew. But it would be a few days before they’d arrive. My husband was gracious enough to wear what I made for the time being. PLUS.... he had no choice! This time with determination🏻, I was going to figure it out! Another friend gave me some suggestions and I followed through with them plus added my own creative flair. I also had to improvise since some supplies aren’t available right now. By the following day, I came up with something I was proud of and my husband went from gracious to CONFIDENT!!! 🕺🏽

Moral of the story...Even when you’re seemingly defeated, get back up and try again. NEVER GIVE UP! Persevere until VICTORY makes its presence . Wishing everyone a VICTORIOUS day!

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