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52 VERSES IN 52 WEEKS is my new project for 2019.

It's an online opportunity to get grounded in who God says you are through creative worship.

Join me for weekly inspiration and creativity as we focus on specific bible verses, affirmations, and creative expression that builds up our Kingdom identity.

For some, this will be reinforcement and for others it might be something you've never heard or done before. Whatever the case may be, I'm confident that you will be encouraged and inspired.


Each week I will post a scripture on Instagram. (If you don't have an IG account, go directly to my YouTube Channel)

Meditate on the verse and ask God to reveal something to you.

Write down what He says.

Each week I will also include an affirmation.

Speak it over yourself during the week.

Now move on to my YouTube channel for some inspiration and get creating!

For the 52 VERSES project, I will mostly be cutting and pasting images from magazines into either a Journaling Bible or a Visual Journal. This technique is known as collage. It's simple and works well for any skill set.

However, if collaging isn't your thing, worship the Lord any way that works for you. It may be writing, playing music, singing, cooking, sewing, building or encouraging others. The goal is to simply mediate on the selected verses and affirmations each week and to worship Him creatively. This will help you to remember who you are in Christ Jesus.

If you have questions about the process or would like to discuss which journals to select, contact me through email.

Quick Notes:

Have fun

Enjoy the process

Don't get stuck in trying to do things perfectly.

Here's the link to my YouTube Channel. Please remember to subscribe!

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