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Kitchen Studio

My art studio may be on pause right now while waiting for escrow to close on our new home but, the kitchen is open! So, we are currently dwelling in a posh condo which sits on the golf course within a country club setting in the Palm Springs area. WHAT!!! God is AMAZING because He set this whole thing up with a sweet Sicilian lady who owns the place. It's "low season" right now and all the "snowbirds" have departed from the California desert which opened it up for us for a few months. A divine appointment for sure and a story I need to share on another day.

Needless to say , all my art supplies are packed away again and an alternate source of creative expression was much needed. Fresh ingredients seemed to be the perfect palette for creating in the kitchen.

So today I'd like to share my Organic Summer Chicken Salad with Fresh Mango Dressing.


Start by using fresh organic ingredients if possible.


Brown 1 pound of organic chicken breasts in extra virgin olive oil along with fresh red onion and shallots.

For this dish, I like to season with Himalayan Pink Salt and McCormicks Montreal Steak Seasoning.

As its browning, I cut the chicken into bite size pieces.

When its done, put it to the side to let cool.

TIP: Use the left over chicken the following day. I like to store it in a glass jar and keep it in the fridge.

I typically pair it with an avocado in the morning and/or toss it in a lettuce wrap for lunch.


Honey Mango

This time of year, the ATAULFOS mango (AKA Honey or Champagne) is available. I like using these because they don't have the stringy fibers some of the others have.

For 2 people, I used 2 of them.

cut mango

Wash before cutting. Stand the mango up and cut on each side of the seed.

Watch this cool video that shows a fast way to remove the flesh from the skin.

dressing ingredients

Have these 3 ingredient handy as you will need them for the dressing.

A substitute for Stevia Drops is 2 fresh Dates (pitted).

Place mangos in a food processor

Add 2 teaspoons of Coconut Oil

Add 2 drops of Stevia or 2 pitted Dates

Add a little water at a time until the dressing is at the desired consistency.

Process until everything is blended together and has a creamy texture.

completed dressing

Pour dressing into a bowl/jar until you are ready to dress your salad.

I added a tiny bit of Cayenne Pepper for a little heat.

Store leftover in a glass jar with a good seal. (no more than 1 day).

Now you're ready toss and serve!

TIP: I sprinkled Pink Salt & Pepper to the salad.

I added ground Flax Seed.

I added Raw Hemp Seeds.



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