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  • Polly Lunetto

Gettin Our Groove On!

So last night I had my first Artsy Mail Workshop at the new studio. I was so filled with gratitude and couldn't help but feel the presence of God all around me and spilling out from within. I'm holding on to this experience forever!

The gals that came, Nancy and Debbie were truly gifts from above. Instant connections and a knowing that we would be friends that moment on.

Two hours quickly became three hours but we got a lot accomplished.

Plenty of supplies to work with!

The only time this table was clear of major clutter.

The teacher waits for her students. lol...I like the sound of that and believe that God has greater heights for me.

Love this photo! You can tell they started to get their groove on because they are no longer sitting in their seats.

Meet Debbie

Meet Nancy.

Our finished projects and learning to be ok with sticky, painted hands (wink wink)!

THANK YOU ladies for an amazing night of creativity, getting free, Pellegrino Water and Milano Cookies!!!


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