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  • Polly Lunetto

Something Old, Something New

I was visiting my favorite boutique in town and saw the sweetest art canvas. A cute little 5x7 with deep sides. I instantly started imagining my artwork on the canvases. I was so excited. I took the time to dream and write about it in my journal for a couple of weeks before I took steps to make it a reality. I’m waiting on the Lord more these days. Waiting for His lead and divine appointments. It can be a tricky place to be sometimes. Not that God is tricky but more because it can get comfortable to keep saying “I’m waiting on the Lord to show me”. I’ve found that as soon as I step out and take action, God begins to flood my mind with ideas and solutions. I love when that happens! It’s a clear indication that I’ve been given the green light.

Anyway, I decided to start with “I Carry You With Me”. She is one of my best sellers. Sometimes I stare at her and wonder what it is about her that makes people want to connect with her. Do they feel what I felt while I was working on her? I love her so much. That’s the beauty of art for me. I can look at a piece and remember the emotions I was experiencing while creating the piece and power that filled my heart while I wrote words and found the perfect scripture and translation. The process itself is so powerful and healing for my soul. I know it is for you too. I love that God uses it for His glory.

So these little cuties are available in 5”x7” canvases. Most of my artwork will be a good fit for this medium. And, because these are produced in-house, I can personalize them as well. For instance, I could include a name inside the heart on “I Carry You With Me”.

Because the interior wood frame is 1 1/2 inch deep, it’s sturdy enough to sit on a table or shelf. You could incorporate it into a pretty vignette like I did in the picture. Make sure to post pictures of how you decided to display yours.

Happy arranging!

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