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Share Your Story

Brave one (women and men), please consider sharing your story here. As you read in my book, there is such freedom in revealing the secret that has kept us silent for so long. We are set free when we tell our story and so are others when they hear it.


Feel free to write as much as you want. I suggest writing your story in a program such as  Word, saving it to your device and then pasting it into the form space provided below titled Share Your Story With Us. 


Confidentiality is our top priority. We will only share what you allow and we never use real names unless permitted. 

Also, as mentioned in the book A CHOICE TO REMEMBER, we are in the process of collecting stories for my future book A Promise Planted. Let us know if you would like for us to consider including your story.


We would like to hear about 2 main areas;

  • How did the book A CHOICE TO REMEMBER help you come to terms with your post-abortion secret?


  • Did you experience MORE of God's LOVE after reading the book? 

Share It Here
How did the book A CHOICE TO REMEMBER help you?

You are loved, courageous and victorious!

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