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Bloom In Patience

Bloom In Patience

At times in life, we are impatient more than we 
would like to admit. Desperately pursuing avenues
that aren’t ready to receive us. It always ends
in frustration, disappointment and confusion.

Then there are times when we sit back and wait
patiently on the Lord. Trusting in His timing for
things to manifest. It is then that opportunities
present themselves.
They seem to bloom without self-effort.

Resting, Trusting and Receiving.....
What a concept!
Guess it’s true, He does know best.
Copyright © 2015 Polly Lunetto, All rights reserved.

Give God the right to direct your life
And as you trust Him along the way,
You’ll find He pulled it off perfectly!
Psalm 37:5 TPT The Passion Translation
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