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6 Month Freedom Package, Post-Abortion

6 Month Freedom Package, Post-Abortion


Facing the truth and pain of our past abortions can be challenging at times. But hope and freedom are waiting for you on the other side. 


As a post-abortive woman myself, I've put together a package of the things I found helpful in my own personal journey to freedom. 


This is a 6-month program that consists of the following:


  • 8-week Bible Study geared toward post-abortion healing and recovery


  • x4 Monthly one-on-one  Coaching sessions that are 60minutes each.


  • x4 Monthly group Coaching sessions that are 60minutes each. 


  • You will meet with me (Polly) for a 60-minute Christian Life Coaching session.


  • Creative Expression Workshop as our final project (2 hours)


I encourage you to set some time aside for prayer as God begins to prepare your heart.


Program can begin at any time.


All sessions are  conducted via phone and secure Zoom.


The following is required before sessions begin:

  • Confidential interview via Zoom
  • Complete application
  • Sign waiver
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