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The First Step In Your Post-Abortion Healing Journey

A Visual Testimony & Practical Guide for Women, Men and Couples

A CHOICE TO REMEMBER is for anyone experiencing regret, guilt, shame or condemnation resulting from an abortion decision.

​Whether you have gone through the experience yourself or are someone's—husband, boyfriend, family member, friend, service provider who helped in some manner, this book is for you.

​In A CHOICE TO REMEMBER, you will discover acceptance, understanding, compassion, and courage as Polly shares her personal journey from secrecy to freedom.

​Through her written words, art and photography, Polly shares a peek into her personal journals and offers insight and stories from her own past-abortion experience, which she kept secret for more than 30-years.

A CHOICE TO REMEMBER addresses the whole self—spirit, soul and body and provides practical tools to help the reader begin the process of moving through the guilt, shame and heartbreak of past-abortion. Polly’s writing style offers comfort, strength and encouragement while guiding you on your journey to true wholeness, freedom and transformation.

​Polly hopes that by reading A CHOICE TO REMEMBER, you will recognize that you are not alone on this journey and that you, too, will be inspired to take the first step in remembering the lives of your unborn child or children.

 ​A CHOICE TO REMEMBER is a practical guide for women, men and couples.

"If you're still hiding the truth

about your past abortion, this book is for you."

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