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100 Days For Life Art Project

Status: OPEN—Accepting New Participants!

Description: A collaboration between artist Polly Lunetto and people who share the common thread of heartache and regret after abortion.


Goal: To create a body of work consisting of 100 paintings that will bring awareness to the issue of life in the womb and the devastating aftermath of abortion while connecting to personal stories through art. 


My objective is to present the art collection as a traveling exhibit at various venues, including church events, conferences, and more. The paintings and overall exhibit will be comprised of heartfelt messages to children in heaven, making this project a touching tribute to the preciousness of life.

Interest: Is regret part of your past-abortion experience too?  I'm looking to collaborate with other women and men who would like to participate in an art project titled: 100 Days For Life Art Project.

Basic Requirements: I will need the following to get started.

  1. Name of your child/children in heaven. Alternative: "To my sweet baby in heaven" or similar

  2. Provide a heartfelt handwritten message to your child/children in heaven on a 4"x6" card. This will be incorporated into the art project in some manner. Use black ink/pen/or marker.

  3. The year it took place

  4. Photograph your note using a white background. (high resolution image. current phone camera works well )

  5. Email it to me at


As a THANK YOU Gift: I will email you an *8"x8" print of the original artwork once it's completed

Your name will NOT be published, displayed or used as part of the exhibit. You will remain anonymous

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