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I help you discover

More of Who You Are  

through my artwork, writing and coaching. 

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My work is a reflection of a woman's journey through life. It is my hope that the artwork, written  material and experience I bring to you resonates with the deepest parts of who you are and  what is needed in the moment.

All that I create serves as a tangible means of bringing Hope, Encouragement, Strength, Inspiration, Love and Celebration through imagery, symbols, colors and words.


My assignment is to help you discover more of who you are.

1 Cor. 14:3

From the Art Studio

REMNANT 4 _©Polly Lunetto Art 2021

The Narratives Collection

Original Fine Art on canvas, wood and artists paper. My work is known to evoke personal narratives that are meant to be written down and pondered upon.

Flora Wrap ©Polly Lunetto

Comfort & Style

Casual, Evening and Resort wear all in one! Designs are from my original artwork. Truly unique.

Greeting Card Promo_©Polly Lunetto Art 2022_edited.jpg

Greeting Cards

Assembled by hand using designs from my original artwork. Inspirational and always uplifting.


My New Book!

The First Step In Your
Post-Abortion Healing Journey

A Visual Testimony & Practical Guide 

for Women, Men and Couples

"If you're still hiding the truth

about your past abortion, this book is for you."

June 2023 Book Cover_©Polly Lunetto
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