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INSIGHT: You don’t need to rush through anything. STAY IN THE PRESENT.

Does this resonate with anyone else besides me?

This insight came to me shortly after coming into my studio this morning. Last night’s decision to double up on the 100 day challenge in order to make up for the 9 days I was behind didn’t make sense anymore.

Inspiration stepped in and reminded me that my steps are ordered and that I wasn’t behind on anything. As a matter of fact, even if I did the extra work to make up for the nine days I missed, my project would only consist of 91 days instead of the one hundred I committed to! Now that doesn’t make any sense does it? Sometimes our plans sound like good ideas when we are tired or feeling under pressure. But if we step away for a bit, clarity can make its way in.

Awwwww. Big sigh of relief.

So today’s painting was done using 3 colors. #rawsienna #titaniumwhite and #marsblack. I did a little exploring with values and was happy with the variations I got. Oh, and that issue with the tearing paper….. RESOLVED!

All images are the property of Polly Lunetto and cannot be used or shared for any reason without my permission.

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